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3 Ways of Converting ePub to KF8

If you are a Kindle publisher, you may want to make eBooks in KF8 format, which is short for Kindle format 8 and was released in 2011. KF8 is Amazon's successor to the MOBI format and it is said to be more flexible than older format, integrating many capabilities from HTML 5 and CSS3 relevant to eBook creation. This format allows publishers to create great-looking books in all categories.

If you have an ePub file and want to create a Kindle Format 8 file, this article is helpful for you with 3 different ways.

Way1 - Free Desktop Converter

I think you have definitely heard of Calibre, which is the most well-known program in eBook industry. Calibre is a cross-platform eBook management tool created by David Goyal in 2006 and has become a popular way for eBook fans to convert and manage eBooks for Kindle, iPad, Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo, etc. It supports Amazon's Kindle Format 8 (KF8) output. With AZW3 plugin, you can convert books to pure KF8 and then read on the fourth Kindle, Kindle Fire and Kindle Touch.


Calibre is available to download for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Download Calibre here >>

Way2 - Tool from Amazon

Amazon has released a command-line application - KindleGen, for creating KF8/MOBI eBooks from XHTML and ePub. Even though the tool is probably too technical and difficult to use for most self-publishers and common eBook readers, the ability to convert ePub to KF8 is notable.


Since KindleGen is the official tool supported by Amazon. We recommend you use it to create files which are compatible with all Kindle devices and apps. Files created with other 3rd party software may not work properly on current or future Kindle devices and apps.

Way3 - Online ePub to KF8 Converter

online-convert.com is a powerful online conversion service, which supports a variety of eBook formats, KF8/AZW3 included. Without downloading and installing any 3rd party apps, you can easily convert ePub to KF8 with ease. Firstly, upload your ePub book to the online site, then choose target device, set ebook title, ebook author, and hit Convert button to do ePub to KF8 conversion.

online converter

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